The Captive Dreams by Nick Romeo

I’m chased by gargoyles, gremlins,
and knife-wielding mutant androids.
They drag me to their laboratory.
I need an escape.

They’re gathered around. I’m chained to a table.
The beasts inject a substance into my neck.
I convulse and froth. “What’re you doing?”
A humanoid growled, “You’re our test animal!
There is no escape.”

My muscles relax and my breathing slows.
The furor around me fades. All sounds perish.
Then the figures disappear into the shadows.
Is there an escape?
Everything blemished transforms to bliss.
I’m teleporting through mirrored dimensions,
reconfiguring dreams, ingesting particle streams.
“Thank you,” I mutter as I receive a kiss.
I don’t want to escape.

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