FOR TYLER, BEFORE THE BAR by Thomas Ziebarth

Even though
we share the same kind
of animal
cells our hearts
scream differently
behind our
ribs yours
has a spanish
accent I think
and tonight we will
go to the milk
district and Ill give
you as many
cigarettes as you
want just ask and
we will talk pretty
words about things
we will do oh we
will do them we
will &
I know that your
sometimes fucks
over and
it makes me
that i cant save
you from our father’s terrifying and
pragmatism but the
words I write for
you i write for
me so don’t
be afraid of
riding motorcycles
across the
black hills of
argentina or
smiling beautifully
with a stem of
mate in your
teeth the
world sometimes
bites and
maybe draws
blood i’m
sorry i wish
didnt but
we share the
kind so if
you want to
cry on a beach
somewhere i
have enough
for both of

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