Welcome to anxiety: population 20 million

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Our Mission

At times all of our struggles feel bigger than us, no matter what they are. So, I say let’s talk about them. Whether you are feeling sad or have been diagnosed with a mental illness, we can help each other. Pain is pain, loss is loss, sadness is sadness, no matter the cause; Welcome to Anxiety aims to bring people together to heal, express, and free themselves through art. Some times what helps the most is finding someone who understands what you are going through and simply having your voice heard. Art is beautiful, let’s use it to heal ourselves and each other.

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Welcome to Anxiety events are held in Orlando, Florida. Want an event in your town? Well, we are looking to grow. Contact us asking for an event to be set up in your town and we will see what we can do!

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Show support by attending Welcome to Anxiety events: Everyone deserves to be heard and understood. Everyone needs support. You can show your support by listening to the stories and viewing the art of others and showing that they do matter. Welcome to Anxiety is about breaking down the stigmas associated with mental illness but it’s also about sharing your pain, sadness, loss, grief, or any other difficult feelings in order to understand each other. Understanding, compassion, and kindness are crucial. Let’s find beauty in our dark times so we can light the way to feeling better. Show support by listening to the people around you when they need a friend or someone to talk to. Show support by purchasing a Welcome to Anxiety Zine and viewing the work of contributors. Show support by being kind.

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Welcome to Anxiety Zine

Welcome to Anxiety distributes a zine about mental health. Submissions are open to anyone, you do not have to perform at an event to be included in the zine.


Welcome to Anxiety: Population 20 Million

Welcome to Anxiety is an art performance series founded in 2014. We held our first event in April 2014. Welcome to Anxiety aims to break the stigma of Mental Illness through sharing art about or inspired by mental illness, grief, anxiety, what it means to be human. It is a place to share your art that showcases the human experience. We all feel emotions and go through hardships and Welcome to Anxiety aims to show the connection between people to foster understanding, support, and encourage healing. Why I started Welcome to Anxiety: I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember. My mother found out she had cancer when she was pregnant with me; It has been said to me that I have been exposed to anxiety since I was in the womb. My mother died when I was fourteen years old and I didn’t ever know my father. I grew up on my own and all of this created and fueled the anxiety, OCD, panic, and depression. I froze when my mother died. I didn’t really grow socially or emotionally. I just kicked into survival mode. When I was twenty seven years old I realized it was time to stop being frozen. I realized it was time to become me. As a result of this Welcome to Anxiety was born. It was created as a way for me to process my emotions, my grief, and to heal. I didn’t know what Welcome to Anxiety really was until strangers told me how these events impacted them. Seeing first time performers get on the stage, hearing the honesty about their struggles, seeing their bravery gave power to Welcome to Anxiety. I love that it has been a place for people to feel comfortable to share and I hope it gives a place for people to heal.


Welcome to Anxiety Zine

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